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Why You Need Pet Turf?

Pet turf is a type of artificial grass that is designed specifically for dogs. It is often made from durable synthetic materials that can withstand heavy wear and tear, making it a great option for those that have active dogs.

There are several advantages to installing pet friendly artificial grass in your Rockwall home. Pet turf, for example, requires no mowing or watering, and it will never become muddy or overgrown. In addition, pet turf is easy to clean and does not harbor bacteria or other pests like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

As a result, it is a safer and more hygienic option for families with pets. In addition to being better for your pets, artificial turf also has several environmental benefits. It requires no pesticides or fertilizers, and it can be recycled or reused at the end of its lifespan. As a result, artificial turf is a more sustainable option than real grass. If you are interested in pet turf or faux grass for your Rockwall home or business, contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does artificial turf have harmful chemicals for dogs?

The installation of pet-friendly turf makes a great environment for your furry friend and protects them from exposure to harmful chemicals found in conventional lawns. Unlike natural grass, synthetic surfaces do not allow weeds to grow so there’s no need for fertilizers or herbicides - just maintenance-free living!

Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

Dog owners should be aware that while dogs can enjoy playing on artificial grass, they may end up urinating in one area. This is because the surface has a porous backing that allows pet urine to seep through and drain away but also means poop will need manual cleaning or scooping just like organic lawns do when left behind by your pup! After stashing away any waste products, some owners found that you can flush out the area so you don’t have lingering smells anywhere near where people are likely to go.

Can fleas and ticks live in artificial grass?

Artificial lawns are a great way to keep your pets and children safe from pests like fleas, and ticks. The lack of soil means these parasites can't live inside artificial grass blades; however it's not 100% - especially if you have dirty debris or leaves around! Regular clean maintenance on an artificial yard (that also has no dirt), will reduce chances for infestation.

How do you maintain artificial turf for dogs?

Hosing down the turf is all you need to maintain a clean and healthy lawn for your dog. You can use high-pressure water to get rid of odors as well! Some owners also use a water and vinegar solution to get rid of the smell in frequently used areas.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

What are the Benefits of Pet Turf

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No More Brown Spots

Tired of those pesky brown spots that your dog leaves? Well, worry no more!


Real Grass Feel

Don’t you just love the feel of walking through grass barefoot? Well with artificial turf you get to keep that feeling!


Safe For Your Pets Feet

Our NEW Glacier Cool product retains water and water vapor from irrigation, humidity, etc.. and cools by up to 35% making it the best option for pets!

no water

No Color Fading

In addition to no more brown spots from your pets, artificial turf has a long lifespan with virtually zero maintenance.


Minimal Maintenance

Save money on your lawn care needs like watering, fertilizer, and mowing!


More Durable Than Real Grass

Does your dog or pets love to dig? Well with artificial turf, there is no dirt or anything for your dog to try and dig up!

16 Years Limited Product Warranty

Material: 16 Years – includes fading, balding, inconsistencies of color, and breaking down of material. Essentially anything that can dramatically affect the appearance of the turf.

Labor: 2 Years – includes seams coming apart and other general issues with seams, washing out of base material, imperfections with the smoothness of the grade, etc.

Artificial Turf and Design Warranty

We Are Passionate About Helping Pet Owners

“At Artificial Turf and Design, we are passionate about helping pet owners create the perfect backyard for their furry friends. Our turf is specifically designed for dogs, and our products are made from the highest quality materials. Get in touch with us today and let us show you how easy it is to get the perfect lawn.”

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