How Long Does Artificial Turf Last

Published On December 20, 2022

how long can artficial turf last

How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

Artificial grass has been around for decades and has seen significant improvements in quality over time. But one thing that remains unique about this fake grass is its durability. Although the lifespan varies depending on various factors, most manufacturers claim that their products have a life expectancy of up to 25 to 30 years. We will try to answer the question, “how long does artificial turf last”, it does depend on several factors that we’ll discuss in this post.

Is Artificial Turf Durable?

Synthetic grass guarantees the test of time, whether used in commercial applications, putting greens, playgrounds for kids, athletic fields, or lawns for residential homes. The interesting part is that there are different types of artificial turf depending on individual needs.

Artificial turf brings a certain level of versatility to some surfaces that grass can’t match. With the ability to last for up to 25 to 30 years with proper maintenance, artificial turf covered areas can often look just as good as a well-kept natural grass lawn.

It’s almost like hitting the reset button on your lawn – artificial turf always looks good, no matter how little care you give it (just don’t forget about it for too long). There’s always something to be said for low maintenance, and artificial turf is one way to achieve this goal! Here are some factors that will determine the longevity of your artificial turf.

Factors That Impact the Longevity of Artificial Grass

Material Quality

The quality of the synthetic material influences the life cycle of your lawn. Most standard types of artificial turf is made of different polymers, providing structure and resilience.

For instance, some manufacturers use nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene to construct artificial grass blades. These materials are strong and resilient and make your artificial turf last longer.

So, if you’re considering installing artificial grass, ensure you go for the highest quality in the industry. We at Artificial Turf and Design only use the best artificial turf available and backed by a 25-year warranty.

Artificial Turf Installation 

A typical artificial turf installation takes several steps, which are essential for the durability of your lawn. The fake grass should be installed on a flat surface, which drains well

If you fail to install artificial turf correctly, it will fail, regardless of the material strength and quality. But if installed correctly, the artificial turf will hold up for many years. Ideally, the installation of artificial turf involves:

  1. Excavation of the existing ground
  2. Defining the perimeter
  3. Placing a weed-block fabric
  4. Preparation and compacting of the base, sometimes with sand or gravel
  5. Fitment and grass tucking
  6. Infill and finish

Since installing the turf is daunting, you may need help from one or two friends. Or better, pay for professional installation. The latter is a sure way to install your artificial turf correctly, especially if you don’t have the necessary tools.


As a rule of thumb, the more you use a product, the more it deteriorates. And this also applies to artificial turf. Constant activity on your lawn will increase wear and tear, reducing the longevity of your synthetic turf.

So, if your fake turf receives constant footpath activity, dirt, stress, and pet messes, its lifespan will reduce.


Generally, artificial turf requires little maintenance—no mowing, watering, or fertilizing. However, the little maintenance needed can greatly impact the product’s lifespan.

For instance, you should fluff up the turf grass fibers to help them regain their normal shape. Also, keep it clean from trash, debris, pet waste, and stains. This keeps your lawn vibrant while extending its durability.

Also, keeping your grass cool using our Glacier Cool produce, during hot summer months will help increase the longevity of your lawn.

Get A In Home Consultation Today!

Artificial turf is a worthwhile investment that may last up to 25 to 30 years. However, synthetic grass lifespan depends on factors like material quality, installation techniques, amount of foot traffic, and maintenance. If you’re interested in knowing what artificial grass costs to install, please sure to visit our website.

With proper maintenance and our 25-year warranty, you won’t need to replace your artificial turf anytime soon. Moreover, synthetic grass is safe for your whole family and pets since no harmful chemicals are involved. Contact us to get your artificial turf today!


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