Artificial Putting Green Turf – Rockwall

Make your backyard a golf oasis with an artificial putting green turf from our Rockwall-based turf and design company! Unleash the pro in you and take your game to unprecedented heights with our unbeatable products.

Artificial putting green and pavers next to a pool in DFW area
Artificial putting green and pavers next to a pool in DFW area

Improve Your Game with an Artificial Putting Green

For a golfer who lives in Rockwall, an artificial putting green turf in your backyard can be the perfect way to improve your short game. With a backyard putting green, you can have a true-to-life golfing experience right in your own backyard. And, unlike a natural grass putting surface, a synthetic backyard putting green requires very little maintenance.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Like Never Before

Not only will you shave some strokes off your game with your own backyard golf putting green in Rockwall, but your family, friends and kids will enjoy some outdoor time as well. Having an artificial putting green requires virtually no maintenance and looks vibrantly lush year-round.

An Artificial Putting Green Cost Much Less than Natural Grass

The synthetic materials of fake turf are durable and realistic, so you can practice your putts without worrying about divots or brown patches. Best of all, an artificial putting green can be installed for a fraction of the cost of a real putting green. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your game without breaking the bank, an artificial putting green is the way to go.

Customize Your Putting Green

Another benefit associated with artificial putting green installation in Rockwall is that it can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you want a large green for entertaining guests or a smaller one for practicing your putts, you can have it made to order. You can also choose the quality of turf that you want, which can give your green a unique look and feel.

So, what’s the bottom line? The benefits of an artificial grass putting green are numerous, but the cost will vary depending on the size and design of the green that you choose. However, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance backyard putting green that will stay looking great year-round, an artificial grass putting surface may be the perfect option for you.

So don’t delay; start planning now for your very own private golf oasis in your very own backyard. Artificial Turf and Design was voted best installer for professional looking putting green turf in the Rockwall area.

Putting green in backyard and chipping area

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Benefits of a Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Rockwall

Why should you choose us to install your fake grass putting green

At Artificial Turf & Design we only use the best synthetic golf grass, manufactured by the highest of standards and with the best warranties in the industry. Here are some benefits to installing an artificial putting and chipping green in your backyard:

No irrigation system

No watering

No fertilizer

No chemicals

No seeding

No expensive equipment to purchase

No mowing or trimming

No brown grass or dying grass

No maintenance

16 Years Limited Product Warranty

Material: 16 Years – includes fading, balding, inconsistencies of color, and breaking down of material. Essentially anything that can dramatically affect the appearance of the turf.

Labor: 2 Years – includes seams coming apart and other general issues with seams, washing out of base material, imperfections with the smoothness of the grade, etc.

Artificial Turf and Design Warranty

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